Offline Advertising Should Not Be Overlooked

As far as your online business is concerned, how much time do you spend for offline advertising?

People invest a lot of time and effort in marketing their web-based businesses, leaving less time or thought for advertising in the actual world in spite of the benefits they offer. Most of time, they are into search engine optimization, banner advertisements, viral advertising, reciprocal links, social networking and blogs. Though this is great, many people are forgetting about the big impact created by offline advertising.

While advertising forms that do not depend on the Internet are often ignored, they can actually have a big impact, and they are very effective in helping reach the target audience.

Advertising or promoting in the real-world has particular advantages that need to be carefully considered.

Fast results

It takes quite some time to see an outcome with online advertising. In fact, you have to work on SEO for weeks before an actual outcome can be noticed and there is no guarantee that this will work.

It also takes a long time for banner adverts to be felt. When it comes to building blogs or reciprocal links, it takes some time to build up.

On the other hand, non-Internet-based advertising has either instant results or tends to have a faster impact. For instance, when you slip 500 flyers under the wipers of vehicles while you are in a car park, you are most likely to get many inquiries.

Don’t despair if you only get a 1% response rate. After just a few hours of working, that is five potential sales leads. This can also be done at other car parks while remembering that is not the only advertising method there is.


Search results change, web pages come and disappear, and banner adverts rotate. Giving a business card to someone, placing a flyer under a wiper or featuring an advert in a local newspaper weekly for a number of months lets your advert last longer in the minds of people.

Though many individuals may throw the paper or flyer away, you are not trying to reach everyone, but anyone who may possibly be interested in your products or services.

People who feel that your product or service may suit their needs may even keep the advert. It can be hidden inside a drawer, stuck to the fridge or slipped into a wallet. You may not receive calls instantly, but through this method of offline advertising, you have found a way to reach potential customers and let them keep your business details.

This is far easier and less forgettable than letting your banner flash briefly on a web page that could have also been ignored.

When offline advertising strategies are given careful thought and planning, they provide numerous ways to support your online business promotion. Though some methods come at a cost, they are usually cost-efficient in the long run, especially if you consider the time spent in SEO or reciprocal linking to have an impact.

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